Something Magical Fantastical Is About To Happen..........................


This beautiful hard cover children's book tells the story of Horacio, who, thanks to an enchanted gift of a telescope bestowed on him by his grandfather, travels the world with a group of kind and hipster pirates, collecting interesting and special treasure along the way.
In order to return home to his family, Horacio must find a very worthy recipient for his loot and asks the reader to solve a puzzle hidden on the pages of the book. When the puzzle is solved, the reader is surprised with a video recorded for them by Horacio AND the amazing gift of his precious treasure.
This magical adventure like no other teaches readers the value of family and the power of believing that anything can happen.
The collectible keepsake box contains a carefully curated collection of treasures sourced from around the globe including: 
The book
A video that leads to keys and a map!
A beautiful hand carved chest, lock and keys
A leather bound telescope
A brass compass
A break your own geode
A real raw ruby...uncut and unpolished
An exquisite bronze elephant
Pirate's Gold
Assorted gold coins
Quartz Points
A skull specimen
A decorative hand painted skull
A magic feather
Skeleton keys

Delivered in a reusable reading bag, this is a gift that will stand the
test of time.