What makes this such a special gift?

To start with, it is a beautiful, captivating story with beautiful illustrations and powerful messages. But what makes it extra special is the reader gets to solve a puzzle, which sets off a reaction making them become an actual part of the story and then they are gifted a locked box full of intriguing and precious treasures featured in the story. Fiction and reality collide, creating the ultimate magical experience for young and old!

Most of our treasures are direct from the earth! Which means less plastic, less mass production and we hope to encourage people to love the stuff nature serves up. We'll show you just how spectacular it is!

What ages is the book suitable for?

The book will appeal to a wide age range of non-readers and readers. Younger children will enjoy the repetition and rhyme and older children will find humour and  develop vocabulary and spelling. 

How long is the story?

The story is suitable to be read over several days, especially for younger readers. Older readers will likely finish it in one sitting. But we hope it becomes a favourite. Once the reader unlocks their box, they will want to revisit the book so they can cross reference what is inside.

What if we don't solve the puzzle?

Trust us, you will nail it. If you really get stuck, we are only an email away!

How will we get our video?

You will get a link. When the child solves the puzzle you simple connect to the link and show them the video.


Can the book be shared among multiple recipients?

Yes, but we can only make one video per order. Simply provide us with all the children's names and we will be sure to mention them all in the video. Teachers, if you are doing this as a class project, we can address the class in the video. Please just supply the details as per our confirmation email.


What items are in the chest?

We personalise the contents of every single box. We want it to be a surprise for you too! No two boxes are the same, but we can say that each box will contain treasures from seven lands and you can expect to find a leather bound telescope, a brass compass, a real raw ruby and a geode. The rest is a surprise!

What is a geode?

Also known as a dragon egg, a geode looks like a regular rock on the outside but when it is cracked open (instructions provided) a sparkling crystal cave is revealed. These are so cool.

What is a raw ruby?

This is a real ruby, it just needs to be polished! You can hold it up to a light or the sun to see it's brilliant interior. 

Do the telescope and compass really work?

They sure do!

Do you accept returns?

We regret we can't refund for change of mind but we are happy to replace items damaged in transit. Please email us at believe@somethingmagicalfantastical.com.au for instructions.

Are these really keepsake items?

Yep, they really are. You won't find any mass-produced throw away stuff in these boxes. Even our packaging is reusable! And the best part is, this first series really is limited edition. We hope one day they will become a collector's item.

Got more questions?

Email us at believe@somethingmagicalfantastical.com.au