About SMF

Hello :)

I'm Kristen. A West Australian journalist, editor, mother of two teenagers and besotted owner of two freaking awesome oodles.

Creating stuff, whether that is arranging trinkets on a shelf, playing with new art supplies, designing printed material or styling photo shoots, is what makes my heart beat. Making art, no matter how crappy, has always provided me with a way to escape the stuff in the world that scares me the most.

When I am day dreaming, it is often about colours, possible art projects and ways to make the world more magical. At a very young age I realised that hope and the belief that you just never know what miracle or mystical piece of positivity could land in your lap, no matter how dark things may seem, is vital for survival. 

I was raised by a village, my grandparents and three aunties helped my hard working single Mum, to wear many hats. My grandfather, who did a lot of the heavy lifting, was a retired senior policeman and I was lucky enough to be influenced by his values, outlook on social justice and best of all, to be the beneficiary of his unconditional love. A man who gives up his last piece of Cadbury Dairy Milk, without hesitation, is a hero by any measure.

This project is my attempt to bring sparkle to children's lives. To teach them that anything can happen if they just believe. Both my children have been influenced by people and events that led them to think that they might not ever get to achieve their dreams, and to me that's a tragedy. I decided that if I want them to truly believe they can achieve anything that makes their heart sing, I should lead by example.

Putting yourself out there is terrifying, but it can also be exhilarating. 

Right now, instead of doggedly churning out written material for money (and frankly, survival), I'm working on other books and experiences in this series and it's my dream to live out the rest of my life doing more of the stuff I really love and the kids and I are quite good at eating baked beans. (OK, that's a lie, they really are not happy with beans, but I am!)

It is a risk, but who knows, Something Magical Fantastical may just happen.